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Bukaksan Introduction

Bukaksan Introduction

Seoul Fortress

  • Seoul Fortress(10th historical spot)
    • “Welcom to Seoul Fortress”

      The area around Mt. Bukaksan had been forbidden for about 38 years to the public access as a military security area. But it was first open to Koreans from 1st April 2006, only the area
      But it was first open to Koreans from 1st April 2006, only the area from Hongryunsa Temple to the Sukjeongmun gate to Chotdaebawi Rock(Candle stick's rock). Since 15th Aug. 2006, it has been opened to foreigners as well. They are required to make a reservation at least 1 week in advance.
      Furthermore, since 5th April 2007, the whole area of Mt. Bukaksan from Waryong Park passing by the Sukjeongmun gate, the top(Baekak maru) to the Changeuimun gate has been opened. Mt. Bukaksan is the place where you can enjoy the well preserved nature, a great cultural asset - Seoul Fortress- and Seoul where past and present coexist. You can admire and compare it with the Great wall of China and other world wide fortress.

  • Open areas
    • Malbawi Shimter(Malbawi lodge) → Sukjeongmun gate → Baekakmaru(the top) → Changeuimun Shimter(Changeuimun lodge(2.2km)
    • Sukjeongmun gate → Sukjeongmun gate → Baekakmaru(the top) → Changeuimun Shimter(Changeuimunlodge)(2.3km)
    • Changeuimun Shimter(Changeuimun lodge) → Baekak Maru(the top) → Sukjeongmun gate → Malbawi Shimter(Malbawi lodge)(2.2km)
    • The places for departure are Malbawi Shimter, Hongryensa Shimter, Changeui Shimter.

    The area from the Changeuimun Shimter to the Baekakmaru(the top) is very steep, so those who are not climbing often, the old and children are recommended to depart from Malbawi Shimter or Hongryensa Shimter.

    • Seoul Fortress photo
      Seoul Fortress
    • Sukjeongmun gate photo
      Sukjeongmun gate
    • Baekakmaru(the too) photo
      Baekakmaru(the too)
  • What to pay attention
    • 1. There's no parking space available, so please use public transportations(buses, subways)
    • 2. It's strictly prohibited for visitors carrying unnecessaries(flammables, cigars).
    • 3. The whole area of the tour is designated as a no cigar, no drinking area
    • 4.

      Taking photos are allowed in some designated places only.
      (Allowed areas : Sukjeongmun gate, Chotdaebawi Rock, Chengundae Terrace, Backakmaru(the top), Baekak Shimter
      (Baekak rest place), Dolgorae Shimter(Dolphin rest place)

    • 5. Please don't go off the designated pathway or through rubbish away.
    • 6. 2 hours are good enough for your tour. Please finish your tour within 3 hours for other visitor's convenience.
    • 7. The walking path is very narrow, please take a rest in Shimters only.

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