Saenggwabang of Gyeongbokgung

Saenggwabang of Gyeongbokgung 01

Saenggwabang in Sojubang is one of the six divisions managing the housekeeping jobs of the Palace, preparing desserts and snacks for kings and queens. “Saenggwabang of Gyeongbokgung” is a pay-to-participate program organized on the basis of Joseonwangjosillok, wherein you can taste royal byeonggwa and herbal tea that had been served to the kings. In Hogweso inside Saenggwabang, select the royal byeonggwa and herbal tea you want to taste and enjoy the refreshments according to the guidance.

Content : Tasting royal byeonggwa and herbal tea 10:00~17:00 ※ Last order before 16:30

How to Participate in “Saenggwabang of Gyeongbokgung”
Visit Hogweso inside Saenggwabang → Select royal byeonggwa and herbal tea → Pay (with credit card) → Sit on your assigned table → Enjoy the refreshments

  • Contact: Representatives of Saenggwabang, The Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (02-3210-4807)
Saenggwabang of Gyeongbokgung 02
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