Visit Cultural Heritage Campaign


Let’s make the most Korean, magical cultural heritage together!

We have made efforts to preserve and pass on our history of cultural heritage over a long period of time. To introduce proudly our cultural heritage that has been preserved for years not only to Koreans but also to citizens worldwide, we are conducting the “Visit Cultural Heritage Campaign.”

The campaign courses, developed based on the World Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Korea, are expected to be established as the representative cultural heritage tour content. In addition, there are various programs that let people feel more familiar with cultural heritage, programs that will make Korea an attractive travel destination.

The Five Roads & Korean Seowon and Sansa (Mountain Temples) Cultural Heritage

The Road of Millenary Spiritwith a long history

The Road of Baekje’s Old Townsfilled with the breath of Baekje

The Road of Sound,where Namdo’s melody flows

The Road of Tales and Nature,a natural paradise where the wind stays

The Royal Roadto see historical traces from the dolmens to Joseon’s palaces

The Road to Seowon,the birthplace of Korean Neo-Confucianism

The Road of Asceticism,where Korean traditions and Buddhist culture meet

If you want to know everything about the visit cultural heritage campaign and courses, use the guidebook.

The guidebook contains a detailed map that lets you see the tour courses at a glance.

The Five Roads & Korean Seowon and Sansa (Mountain Temples) Cultural Heritage Tours
Five special projects with cultural heritage

Korea On Stage: Traditional and contemporary art performances with world-renowned artists at cultural heritage sites

My Travelog on Cultural Heritage: Experiences of domestic and foreign celebrities and influencers who visit several cultural heritage sites

Royal Culture Festival: Korea’s largest cultural heritage festival held in Seoul’s five palaces, Jongmyo, and Sajikdan Altar

World Heritage Festival: A festival focusing on world heritage in Korea

Cultural Heritage Stampbook: Touring representative attractions of cultural heritage and receiving stamps

Projects of Exhibitions and Performances related to Cultural Heritage

Performances and Exhibitions of Intangible Cultural Property: Various performances and exhibitions of intangible cultural property for people to enjoy

Night Trip: Experience programs wherein people can enjoy the attraction of cultural properties at night

Night Opening, Experience, and Festival of Cultural Heritage: Nighttime opening and experience programs combining historical values and modern culture

Performance and Festival of Intangible Cultural Property: Festivals and experience programs with the theme of intangible cultural heritage

Special Exhibition of Cultural Properties: Special exhibition of cultural properties including major relics at museums and cultural heritage exhibition halls nationwide

Opening up sites of excavation, repair of cultural properties: Experience programs that open up sites, processes of discovering cultural properties

(The First) Joseon Wangneung Cultural Festival: A major cultural festival wherein people can experience Joseon’s royal culture

Projects of Exhibitions and Performances related to Cultural Heritage