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Organization chart

Executive Director of Planning
Executive Director of Business
Department of Planning & Coordination
Future Strategy Team
Public Relations Team
Intelligent Information Management Team
Department of Management Support
Human Resource Management Team
Accounting Team
Safety & Heallth Team
Department of Cultural Heritage Promotion
Cultural Heritage Planning Team
Cultural Heritage Promotion Team
Cultural Heritage Project Team
Korea Intangible Heritage Promotion Center
Transmission Support & Planning team
Craft Promotion Team
Department of International Cooperation
International Cooperation Team
Cultural Heritage ODA Team
Department of Culture & Art
Cultural Education Team
Performance Planning Team
Hallyu Cultural Complex
Planning & Operation Team
Service Team
Culinary Team
Department of Cultural Heritage Contents
Media Contents Team
Contents Promotion Team
Immersive Contents Team
Department of Cultural Products
Cultural Product Planning Team
Management & Distribution Team
Culture Project Team
Cultural Properties Research Center
Department of Research & Survey
Research Planning Team
Southern Regoin Survey Team 1
Southern Regoin Survey Team 2
Central Region Survey Team 1
Auditor (non-executive)
Department of Audit
Audit Team