Madang-nori Festival for College Students


The Madang-nori Festival for College Students is the first-ever competition related to madang events held for college students with the aim of spreading traditional arts and expanding the base for the transmission of regional intangible heritage. Launched in 1988, the festival invites college students from across the country to receive training in a madang-nori designated as intangible cultural heritage, such as tal-chum (mask dance), nori (games), and nongak (traditional Korean music performed by farmers), and demonstrate their skills at the competition.

Participants receive props, costumes, etc., from intangible cultural property transmission organizations nationwide and enter the designated training center to practice. In this way, the event encourages young people to participate in the transmission of traditional arts and presents unique regional madang-nori performances, thereby contributing to the development of local culture.

Hosted by the National Intangible Heritage Center and supervised by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, the Madang-nori Festival for College Students provides an opportunity for college students from various regions to come together and perform nongak, tal-chum, and nori.

제24회 전국대학생마당놀이축제 선우굿패
제24회 전국대학생마당놀이축제 떼
제24회 전국대학생 마당놀이축제 세로토닌
제23회 대학생마당 선별사진
제23회 대학생마당 선별사진
제23회 대학생마당 선별사진

Details of the Competition

Eligibility criteria : Korean college students
How to participate : Submit the application form by e-mail
Competition categories : tal-chum, nori, nongak, etc., designated as national or provincial intangible cultural heritage
Competition date : Second half of every year


※ The details of the competition are subject to change.
※ Detailed information on the event (event schedule, booking, etc.) will be available in the [News] section.