Airport Guard Changing Ceremony

Program Information

The Airport Guard Changing Ceremony is a performance that combines various elements of traditional Korea culture and highlights the dignity and strength of the guards at Incheon International Airport, the gateway to Korea today.

공항 수문장 교대식 이미지1
공항 수문장 교대식 이미지2
공항 수문장 교대식 이미지3
공항 수문장 교대식 이미지4
공항 수문장 교대식 이미지5
공항 수문장 교대식 이미지6


  • Korea Traditional Culture Experience Center East Wing of Terminal 2
※ Please note that the Korea Traditional Culture Experience Center is located in the departure halls of Incheon International Airport.
 인천공항 제2여객터미널 3층 Passenger Terminal 2, 3rd floor 254, 253, 252, 251, 250, 249, 248, 247, 246, [253 GATE] - 한국전통문화센터 동관 Korean Traditional Culture _ Experience Center(EAST) [248 GATE] - 한국전통문화센터 서관 Korean Traditional Culture _ Experience Center(WEST)


  • performed 6 days a week
    ※ Not performed on Tuesdays
공항 수문장 교대식 회차, 시간를 제공하는 표.
Number Time
1st performance 10:00~10:30
2nd performance 11:30~12:00
3rd performance 13:30~14:00