Campaign Introduction

Feel the REAL KOREAN HERITAGE 참 만남 참 문화유산
Help us build on our uniquely Korean
and mystical cultural heritage!

Through thousands of years, our ancestors did everything they could to preserve
and hand down the history of our cultural heritage.
We carry on their legacy with the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign
to proudly showcase our cultural heritage to visitors in both Korea and abroad.

Itineraries featuring our “World Heritage Sites” and “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”
will take center stage and serve as cultural heritage and tourism content representing Korea.

Moreover, a wide variety of programs designed to bring people closer to our cultural heritage
will turn Korea into an even more appealing travel destination.

Route 10 different routes, 75 different destinations
Every cultural heritage along this year’s Korean Heritage Routes has its own story to tell

Gaya, a Shining Beacon of Iron Age Culture – 01Gaya Culture Route, The epitome of Korea’s True Landscape Culture – 02Gwandong Pungryu Era Route, The beauty of Korea that resonates in our hearts – 03Baekje Antiquity Route, Mountain monasteries in Korea – 04Korean Temple Monasteries (Sansa) Route, The cradle of Korean scholars – 05Korean Confucian Academy Route, Our time on earth – 06Prehistoric Landscape Route, A beautiful island and a world heritage home to mystical legends – 07Mythic Landscape Route, Immerse yourself in the Namdo melody – 08Folk Music Route, A historical tour of Korea across Seoul and the metropolitan area – 09Royalty Route, Follow the spirit of Korea – 10Golden Era Route

Stage OnKorea Showcasing our cultural heritage, the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign project

▶“Cultural Heritage Passport Tour” for time travelers taking a trip to our cultural heritage sites
▶“Culture and Heritage City Programs in Korea and Abroad” combine our cultural heritage with new content, such as concerts, gourmet food, and activities
▶Your first stop in Korea, meet our cultural heritage at Incheon International Airport! “Visit Korean Heritage Campaign Traveler Center at Incheon International Airport”
▶“Cultural Heritage Exhibition” offers a whole new way to enjoy Korean cultural heritage with media art
▶“Korea On Stage” featuring leading Korean artists along Korean Heritage Routes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites
▶The Campaign has produced and showcased “Brand Content” videos across the globe to promote new and interesting sides of Korean cultural heritage

World Heritage Various linked projects with the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign

▶“World Heritage Festival” showcasing a diverse range of content, including concerts, immersive activities, exhibitions, etc. on UNESCO World Heritage Sites
▶“Cultural Heritage Media Art,” where cultural heritage meets cutting-edge IT technology to offer a new perspective on the way we enjoy our cultural heritage