Annual Timetable

Gwandong Pungryu Era Route

Go on a special journey along the “Gwandong Pungryu Era Route” with Kim Geum-won, a female poet who went on a trip across the country herself during the Joseon Dynasty, which had been taboo for women at the time, disguised as a man.

Seongyojang Moonlight Tour
May/October 2023

This program tells you stories about “Seongyojang” in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, and features a concert set against the beautiful backdrop of Seongyojang itself in the evening hours.

  • Venue: Seongyojang House, Gangneung-si
  • Duration
    • (First half) May 19 (Thu), 2023 ~ May 28 (Sun), 2023 / 6 days (Fri~Sun only)
    • (Second half) October 6 (Fri), 2023 ~ October 15 (Sun), 2023 / 6 days (Fri~Sun only)
  • Sessions: Total 36 sessions in 12 days (3 sessions per day)
    ※ Session times (approx. 60 minutes each): 19:30 (1st session), 19:50 (2nd session), 20:10 (3rd session)
  • Program capacity: Total 900 persons (25 persons per session × 36 sessions)
  • Featured content: Evening tour of Seongyojang House, commentary on the historical and cultural significance of Seongyojang House, and traditional art performances
    ※ Tour route: ① Wolhamun → ② Hwallaejeong → ③ Soseuldaemun → ④Andaemun → ⑤ Anchae → ⑥ Yeolhwadang (performance; 7 minutes) → ⑦ Chojeong (performance; 2 minutes) → ⑧ Baekhogil → ⑨ Observatory → ⑩ Museum (end of program)
    • “Seongyojang House Evening Organ Concert” (2 sessions) planned for the second half of the year (October)
    • Sessions with Japanese commentary support planned for the second half of the year (October)
Sea Train × Gwandong Pungryu Era Route
May/October 2023

Passengers can board the Sea Train that chugs along the east coast of Korea to enjoy the beautiful scenery, fascinating stories, and wonderful music. This romantic train ride along the coast takes you to one of the eight most magnificent sights of the Gwandong region, the Jukseoru Pavilion in Samcheok.

  • Venue: Gangneung Station ~ Samcheok Haebyeon Station (Jukseoru, Samcheok), etc.
  • Duration
    • (First half) May 18 (Thu), 2023 ~ May 21 (Sun), 2023 / 4 days
    • (Second half) October 6 (Fri), 2023 ~ October 15 (Sun), 2023 / 6 days (Fri~Sun only)
  • Sessions: Total 20 sessions in 10 days (2 sessions per day)
    ※ Session times (approx. 70 minutes each): Departure from Gangneung Station at 10:47 (1st session), Departure from Gangneung Station at 14:41 (2nd session)
  • Program capacity: Total 760 persons (38 persons per session × 20 sessions)
  • Featured content: Enjoy performances while listening to commentary on the historical and cultural aspects of the Gwandong region of Korea aboard the Sea Train
    ※ Tour route: ① Gangneung Station (meeting and boarding) → ② Jeongdongjin Station (performance; 2 minutes) → ③ Samcheok Haebyeon Station (disembark) → ④ Bus (boarding) → ⑤ Samcheok Jukseoru (performance; ~10 minutes) → ⑥ Free time (2 hours) → ⑦ Bus (boarding at any time) → ⑧Gangneung Bus Terminal and Gangneung Station (disembark, end of program)
    • Sessions with Japanese commentary support planned for the second half of the year (October)
Gwandong Pungryu Era Route Expedition
May/October 2023

This program takes a group of travelers to explore one of Gangwon-do's landmark cultural heritage sites - the Gyeongpo Wetland in Gangneung - on foot.

  • Venue: Gangneung Gyeongpo Wetlands, etc.
  • Duration: (First half) May 2023 / (Second half) October 2023 * Offered once each in the first half and second half
  • Session times: Total 2 sessions (1 session each in the first and second half)
  • Program capacity: Total 60 persons (30 persons per session × 2 sessions)
  • Featured content: Listen to cultural commentary on the “Gwandong Pungryu Era Route” and take a walk around the Gyeongpo Wetlands
Folk Music Route

Discover the “real” sounds and music of Korea with a special concert available nowhere else but in Gangwon-do.

Sharing Folk Music
September 2023

You can take a bus from Mokpo Station and move along the “Folk Music Route” to enjoy traditional Korean music, and a lively performance of Korean folk music from more than a hundred years ago.

Korean Temple Monasteries (Sansa) Route

Immerse yourself in the tangible and intangible traditions of Korea at one of its best-known mountain temples listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Find yourself at a mountain temple
September 2023

This program gives you a chance to go on a journey to find your true self. Enjoy the serene ambiance of the forest and listen to stories about one of Korea’s most revered mountain temples.