Annual Timetable

“Korean Royal Desserts at Gohojae” program

A special immersive program that invites participants at various major cities across the globe to try Korean royal desserts. It introduces Korean traditional tea culture, royal court services, and traditional performances to potential tourists looking to visit Korea.

Tokyo, Japan (May), Los Angeles, USA (August)

<2023 Visit Korean Heritage Campaign X KCCLA> Meeting Korean Royal Desserts in LA

  • Cohosted by KCCLA, Cultural Heritage Administration, and Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, the <2023 Visit Korean Heritage Campaign X KCCLA Meeting Korean Royal Desserts in LA> has come to you.
  • As part of the “Visit Korean Heritage Campaign”, this event is a special experience event in which you can have a taste of the desserts and herbal teas once enjoyed in palaces in Korea.
  • You can enjoy Korean royal desserts and herbal teas of "Kohojae" made by , but also Korean traditional court dance performances, so we ask for your interest and participation.
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“Cultural Heritage PR Center” at K-CON

Promotes Korean cultural heritage to Hallyu fans around the world. Welcome to the “Cultural Heritage PR Center”! We have plenty of events and metaverse activities prepared for all of our visitors!

Tokyo, Japan (May), Los Angeles, USA (August)
Celebrating the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and the UK, “2023 Visit Korean Heritage Campaign - Special Stage in London, UK”
<K-Heritage, A New World>
  • Date : October 31 (Tue) ~ November 25 (Sat), 2023
    *Different events available on different dates

This special event celebrating the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and the United Kingdom featured a variety of content highlighting Korea's traditional culture and heritage curated to stoke more interest in visiting Korea. This event offered a number of new programs designed to leave a lasting impression on people from all over the world, and create new value using our culture and heritage for almost a month (26 days in total):
△“London Reception” showcasing Korean royal desserts and cultural heritage (October 31 / Korean Cultural Centre UK)
△“Cultural Heritage Media Art Exhibition” showcasing five UNESCO World Heritage sites in Korea (November 1 ~ 25 / Korean Cultural Centre UK)
△“Sharing Folk Music in London” showcasing voices and music unique to Korea (November 2 ~ 3 / Korean Cultural Centre UK)
△ “Korea on Stage IN LONDON” combining cultural heritage and pop music (November 8 / OVO Arena Wembley, London)

<“Visit Korean Heritage Campaign” London Reception>
  • Date : October 31 (Tue), 2023
  • Venue : Ground floor, Korean Cultural Centre UK

The “London Reception” invited guests from the culture and art scene in the UK as well as members of the local press in the UK to share important information about the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign (Passport Tour, Princess Hwahyeop Edition, Korean royal desserts at Kohojae, etc.). Aside from promoting the value and appeal of Korean culture and heritage, the event also commemorated Yi Han-eung, a patriot who sacrificed his life while relentlessly working diplomatic channels in London to save his country more than a century ago, and celebrated the friendship between Korea and the UK..

“Sharing Folk Music in London” gave visitors a chance to enjoy Korean traditional “Sori” songs sung by professional vocalists
  • Date : November 2 (Thu), 2023~November 3 (Fri), 2023 at 14:30/16:30
  • Venue : Ground floor lobby and exhibition hall entrance at the Korean Cultural Centre UK

“Sharing Folk Music in London” gave London a taste of Korean “Sori” folk music and intriguing media art exhibits! Against a backdrop filled with Korea's cultural heritage, the audience was able to immerse themselves in Korean “Gagok” songs, Pansori, Opera, and “Taepyeongmu,” which is a special type of traditional Korean dance.

Korean royal desserts instead of popcorn and soda for movies, “Taraegwa and Omija Combo”
  • Date : November 2 (Thu), 2023
  • Venue : BFI Southbank

At the opening ceremony of the London Korean Film Festival 2023, the audience was served Korean traditional refreshments - “Taraegwa and Omija” - instead of the usual popcorn and soda combo. Patrons at the opening ceremony loved “Taraegwa and Omija,” which is a new take on Korean royal desserts and medicinal tea, as offering something refreshing and interesting to eat while watching the movies.

“Korea on Stage in London,” a special performance to promote values and significance of cultural heritage with K-pop artists
  • Date: November 8 (Wed), 2023 at 19:00 (local time)
  • Venue: OVO Arena Wembley, London

“Korea on Stage in London” featured a lineup of not only K-pop artists such as ATEEZ, STAYC, and band Jannabi, but also British singer-songwriter Henri Moodie to deliver an exciting mix of beautiful Korean culture, heritage, and pop music, and it celebrated the friendship between Korea and the UK. The event did wonders grabbing the attention of British fans of Korean culture and K-pop.

“Here with You - The Beauty of Korean Heritage,” an immersive media art exhibition set against a backdrop filled with Korean UNESCO World Heritage
  • Date : November 1 (Thu), 2023~November 25 (Sat), 2023 *Closed on Sundays
  • Venue : Ground floor exhibition hall at the Korean Cultural Centre UK

Media art exhibition showcasing the value of Korean cultural heritage reimagined with digital technology! “Here with You - The Beauty of Korean Heritage” used content from Korea’s unique cultural heritage focused on five of its UNESCO World Heritage sites (Changdeokgung Palace, Jeju Seongsan Ilchulbong, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Andong Hahoe Village, and Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple) reimagined in the painting style of renowned British artists, and an LED exhibition using peony flowers.

“Korean Cultural Heritage Night,” learning the hidden history and stories of Korean culture and its heritage with media art
  • Date: November 9 (Thu), 2023 / November 22 (Wed), 2023 at 18:30~22:00
  • Venue : B1F, Korean Cultural Centre UK

“Korean Cultural Heritage Night” featured an exhibition program and lectures on the hidden history and stories of Korea’s culture and heritage. The audience gained more insight and heard extraordinary tales from Korea's culture and heritage, including stories about “Hanbok” and the heritage of Korea's traditional clothing as well as stories from the Joseon Dynasty, widely considered a critical era for Korean culture!