Sisikgonggam(the second half year)
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Sisikgonggam(the second half year)

Sisikgonggam(the second half year)

Sisikgonggam at Sojubang the Royal Kitchen
Royal Desserts and Supper Reserved for Kings and Queens

“Sisikgonggam” is a theme of appreciating and enjoying the taste of ancient royal cuisine over a live performance during the special program designed for honored guests to the royal palace to experience Korean traditional culture. The Sisikgonggam program held during the Gyeongbokgung Palace Night Tour at Sojubang, the royal kitchen, was inspired by royal desserts and supper served for Joseon dynasty kings.

1. Event Period : Sep 22 ~Oct 5, 2019 / 24 events for 12 days (2 event per day)
    * Closed on Tuesdays (Gyeongbokgung Palace is closed on Tuesdays)
    * The events(Part 1) on Sep 22 ~ 25 are reserved for foreigners only.

2. Event Time
    ○ Part 1 : 19:00 ~ 19:50
    ○ Part 2 : 20:10 ~ 21:00

3. Royal Desserts and Supper
    ○ Menu : Tarakjuk (Milk and Rice Porridge), Duteoptteok(Sweet Rice Cake with Filling), Tri-colored Songpyeon(Traditional Autumn Rice Cake), Jeonggwa(Candied) Walnut, Bulsu(Dried Persimmon), Fried Lotus Root, Dasik Tea Cookie, Flower-Shaped Dried Squid, Chrysanthemum Tea

4. Online Reservation
    ○ Ticket Sales Time : 10:00, September 9 (monday)
    ○ Ticket Reservation
        - Auction Ticket Korean (
        - Foreigners (
    ○ Admission : KRW 25,000 per person (up to 4 tickets per online ID)
    ○ Capacity : Up to 60 persons per event (2 programs per day)
    ○ Event Period : Sep 22 ~ Oct 5, 2019 (24 events for 12 days 2 event per day)
        * Closed on Tuesdays (Gyeongbokgung Palace is closed on Tuesdays)
        * The events(Part 1) on Sep 22 ~ 25 are reserved for foreigners only.
    ○ Event Time
        - Part 1 : 19:00~19:50
        - Part 2 : 20:10~21:00
    ○ Reservation by Telephone : Auction Customer Center Tel. 1566-1369
    ○ Notice
         * The tour is only available with prior reservations. There will be no walk-in tickets at the door.
         * Only four tickets can be purchased per online ID.
         * There will be an identification card (ID) requirement at the site. The person who purchased the ticket must bring his or her ID along with the reservation number to participate in the program.
         * Seats at Sojubang will be randomly assigned.
            (A company of more than three persons can contact the tour office in advance to adjust the seating arrangement.)
         * Preschool children cannot take part in the program.
         * Registration Location : Registration Desk in front of Hyeopsaengmun Gate in Gyeongbokgung Palace.
         * Registration Time : Registration starts 30 minutes before the program hour.
         * Punctuality will be greatly appreciated; admission will be limited for latecomers.
         * Use of flash and tripods is not allowed. No food is allowed on the palace grounds.
         * The tour program may be canceled or changed according to the day’s weather forecast as of 11:00 by the National Weather Service.
             - When 1~4mm of rainfall is forecast, the program is held normally, but part of the tour of building interiors may be limited for purposes of protecting cultural property.
             - When more than 5mm of rainfall is forecast, the program can be canceled. Cancellation is notified individually,
and full refund will be issued.

5. Location
    ○ Subway
        - Line No. 3 Anguk Station, Exit No. 1 (Walk for about 10 minutes)
        - Line No. 5 Gwanghwamun Station Exit No. 2 (Walk for about 10 minutes)
        - Line No. 3 Gyeongbokgung Station Exit No. 4 (Walk for about 12 minutes)
          * Gyeongbokgung Station Exit No. 5 is closed at nighttime.
    ○ Bus
        - Jongno Bus No. 11 (Bus Stop Beomnyeonsa)
    ○ Parking
        - Paid parking east of Gyeongbokgung Palace open until 10:40 p.m. daily
    ○ For inquiries
        - Call the Auction Customer Center at 1566-1369
          * The ticket price is inclusive of the commission for reserving a ticket. Buyers are not required to pay additional commission.
          * The refund and cancellation process of the event follows the Auction regulations. Cancellation or change after closing time is not allowed.