About us


A bridge connecting the past and the future

To those who love Korean traditional culture,

welcome to the website of Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation.

The Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, established in 1980 as a public institution under the Cultural Heritage Administration, has discovered, considered, and shared various ways of linking the Korean traditional culture to this modern age.

In addition to passing down disappearing intangible heritage of Korea, we are promoting a variety of projects for utilizing the cultural heritage in creative ways so that people can enjoy the traditional culture more pleasantly.

Our cultural projects and programs range from the Royal Culture Festival, in which you can visit the palaces of Joseon Dynasty to the Festival of Korean Intangible Cultural Heritage, an opportunity to experience national intangible cultural properties. We continue to expand our business areas including performances, exhibitions, reproduction of traditional rituals, education, publication, international exchange, and popularization of traditional food, with our differentiated initiatives.

Where we walk today toward tomorrow is the “site” where we inherit and preserve Korean traditional culture. The Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation will create a new culture of future in today’s “site” by ruminating, relishing, and sympathizing with the significance of the cultural heritage.

Thank you for your continuous support and interest in Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation.