Experiencing Suragan (Royal Kitchen)

Tasting Royal Dishes

“Tasting Royal Dishes” is a program wherein you can experience Joseon’s royal culture by tasting royal dishes and listening to royal music. The program is held during the period of the night opening of Gyeongbokgung Palace. You can be a royal family member who enjoys a late-night snack.

Experiencing Suragan 01
Experiencing Suragan 02

At Sojubang (the royal kitchen)

Tasting royal byeonggwa (sweets)

Listening to royal music

Feeling royal

Tasting Royal Yabyeolcham with Royal Music

Joseon’s kings and queens had five meals: early morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snack. The Royal Yabyeolcham offers a modern reinterpretation of Yadasobangwa, a royal late-night snack of porridge, tea, and byeonggwa (sweets). You can savor the taste of Joseon on a quiet night, listening to court music.

Experiencing Suragan 03
Experiencing Suragan 04
  • Contact: Representative of “Tasting Royal Dishes” of the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (02-3210-4806)